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painter, member of art ensemble ŠAMBR

Born in 1980, Slavičín, Czech Republic

Saraah has good range of Art Shows behind her, not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad, in Vienna.
She is now living and working in Belgium.
Saraah Satin focuses mainly on painting and drawing technique, abstracts, portraits and nudes.
Her latest work is more minimalistic and abstract with a wave of symbolism.
Portraits of celebrities, artists, musicians, are especially interesting. for example: Salvatore Dali, David Bowie, Picasso, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, James Brown, Andy Warhol, Marylin Manson, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Manson, Nazareth  etc. which she represents in her expressive, characteristic style.
Her Nude Paintings tracks attention too, there is more than just erotic captured in. We can find our selves in  a different mood, looking in each single image, while the “theme nude” is common. Melancholy changes into Passion or you will be put into interlocking observations.
Saraah's nude art is provocative, playful and gently erotic. Expressive  colour combinations creates the right mood for the story.
Her stories are open ended, there is space for observer to evolve story with his/ her own imagination and ask oneself spicy question …. what will happen, what happened,  what is going on in ones head…
Art Shows:

2012 February
Different Reality, Dům z Pánů z Lipé, Brno, CZ
2011 August - 2012 May
Undercover, Savoy, Brno, CZ
2011 July
Group exhibition, Galerie Pod Petrovem , Brno, CZ
2010 April
Group exhibition & Gallery openning, Galerie Pod Petrovem , Brno, CZ
2010 April
Illusion, Galerie Pod Petrovem, Brno, CZ
2006 September
Montmartre Art Festival, Vienna (Austria)
2006 October
Stara Pekarna, Music Club, Brno, CZ
2006 November - 2007 March
Appolo Cafe, Vienna, Vienna (Austria)
2007 April
Gallery Pod Petrovem, Brno, CZ
2007 August
Aloha Cocktail Bar & Café, Brno, CZ
2008 February
Permanent Exhibition at Gallery Pod Petrovem, Brno, CZ
2007 August
Aloha Cocktail Bar & Café, Brno, CZ
2008 February
Permanent Exhibition, Gallery Pod Petrovem, Brno, CZ
2009 December
Gallery U Zlateho Kohouta, Prague, CZ

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